Expos / Exhibs

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. When it comes down to it, I let them think what they want. If they care enough to bother with what I do, then I'm already better than them anyways."
Marilyn MONROE

2018 or 2019

If still alive, probably

Albi : Salon d'Art november
Lacrouzette : Salon d'Art october

And If I find a way to fund this maybe in 2018 or one day later since they liked a large courbisme painting on Instagram and kindly wrote me to see conditions and invited me to apply to exhib.

Paris : Salon d'Art des artistes Français
au Grand Palais


2015 - 2017

Not more right shoulder, no more job & no exhib...

Shoulder accident in feb 2015
end 2015 & 2016 I started to paint again a bit verticaly
Fall 2017 suffering less, painting more...

Yet encouragements !

Few London art Galeries liked few artworks (courbismes, nudes and a farmer naïve portrait with a cheep)
Pratt contemporary Foundation liked "Insomnie" courbisme
Movies of Shakespeare books co-scenarist liked "To be or not to be...for God" courbisme
Claudie C. Contemporary art agency, Paris, liked "Et mon bisou ? " (nude in a sofa) sur Pinterest
Le galeriste parisien Prédéric Clad a aimé un courbisme et l'a épinglé sur Pinterest
Salon d'art des artistes Français, Paris, liked a recent large courbisme
La Fondation M. T Vankerk a aimé le courbisme "Balance ton porc" et a créé une épingle sur Pinterest
Few friends & some very kind poeple on social medias encouraged me a lot
And my psy too LOL


2012 - Vernissage in a little art salon in south of France. 

Next....I don't know ! :-)

Very busy with my job as night receptionist in an hotel and to paint takes time, hard to know when my large paintings will be raidy to exhib...

Nevertheless, I create... That's the most important.

Parisian galerists (like the one who wrote me "Very good work !!" when I dared to contact him to have an opinion...) ask too much money just to hang paintings on their walls (and not talking about the hudge % in case of a sale....) so, I prefer to exhib for free or nearly for now in little Art Salons around, theaters etc. Then, one day, when "raidy", shall apply in a foreign countries or here in France but where Art galerists ask money on sales but not few months of salary just to show an artists' work.

I might for instance exhib in a little art gallery in Sorèze one day as the owner wrote me very kind words after he saw my first courbismes and did add: "Imposez votre art ! " (plus, he's not asking too much ;) until then,  possible to visit this site or see my work at home with a rendez-vous.

Merci !